Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dreams of college

We trail after her and the group
during the campus tour, joking quietly
to each other, proud parents
of an uptight, snobby, super
smart teenager who is terrified
we will embarrass her on this,
her first visit to the college
where she will spend the
next four years of her life.
Beneath my veneer of indifferent
pride, I study my own barely
suppressed excitement at this coming
change in her life, remembering my
own university days, some of the
best days of my life, of freedom,
of autonomy, of release from the
shackles of parental control, of
expanded thinking and world views.
I want to dash around and peek
in the doors of the classrooms and
dormitories and dozens of campus
facilities, pretending to be eighteen
and on the cusp of the beginning
of my adult life, not plodding
through my middle age, longing
to be my daughter.
(Posted for Poetry Picnic Week 31, 4/15/12)


  1. Aww nice thoughts... We all love our childhood days... great share, keep it up

  2. I agree with Dawn, we all love our childhood days, but sometimes, we take some of that even unto our adult years. There's nothing wrong with being excited about things like this. I think this is what keeps us young. Enjoyed reading this. Be blessed!


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