Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Date night

Spritzing her neck and wrists
with perfume, Hawaiian White Ginger,
she studies herself in the mirror.
Her long flowing floral dress with
seventies colors and patterns
swirls around her ankles, silkily
gliding over her skin.
Her waist-length, curly brown hair
is firmly upswept on her head,
elegant, controlled.
The dressy low heels tap across
the floor as she kisses each child
on the head and then takes my
dad's arm to sail out of our house.
After watching the car back
out of the driveway,
we kids race the babysitter to
the popcorn and chocolate chip
cookies, ready for fun,
games, and tv, sans parents.

(Written for NaPo Day 11, "Write a five senses poem", 4/11/12)

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