Sunday, April 1, 2012

Carpe diem

Every day I stare at you and
wonder how you can be so
shuttered and brain dead,
low gear and low energy,
no apparent emotional, spiritual
or intellectual activity
If there are
depths to you,
they are
undetectable and irretrievably
buried by your fear of
self knowledge and surety of
contented complacency.

My inner world is indescribably
bursting with vast landscapes of
thought ranging from
arid deserts of despair and fear, to
sturdy forests of ideas and interests,
brightly flowered fields of inspiration,
sparkling lakes of deeply felt emotion,
rain showers of spiritual experiences
constantly surprising my soul with their
cleansing clarity,
waterfalls of memories,
sometimes clear, often muddy with sorrow
or disappointments, yet always,
my intellect bubbles with curiosity and
potency, green eyes shimmering with
eagerness to
live and learn and grow.

And I want to talk about it all - with you.

Oh, how can you just sit there? are snoring now
while my fingers dance delightedly
over the keyboard, trying to paint in
words the vistas that burn brightly in
my mind.

(Written for NaPoWriMo Day One, 4/1/12)


  1. Beautiful description of the inner landscape... And I absolutely love the ending (sorry, I do feel for you but it's also very funny that he starts snoring)!!! *big hugs to you and YAY for NaPo*

  2. I love this poem and your blog.


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