Friday, March 30, 2012


What about (now) old hopes of
love and intimacy with the
man of my dreams?
You aren't who I fell in love with
and this manifesting person is
so not attractive to me
not to mention still unknown.
I still occasionally see
glimpses of him and
yearn for his power and passion to
surround me with safety and
The girl just doesn't
do it for me and I
long for the
man, sure and strong and silent.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Suddenly sensual

Mouth agape
groin tingling
skin and nerve endings all
unexpectedly lighted in one
swift erotic jolt
generated by
another's written words,
pulled delicately and deliberately
into an intelligently sexy
story line
dormant switch
abruptly flipped
sensual awareness
drapes over every celibate
contour, demanding imminent
satisfaction, throbbing
longing slipping
insistently needing
Turn the page for....

Friday, March 23, 2012


Tenuous unacceptable reality drives
withdrawal to interior world,
a well-furnished and carefully
tended palace where none are
allowed. No one is that trustworthy.
Wish the lies were not so prevalent and
intimacy and honesty were valued and
pursued. Music, forbidden food, endless
books, and sensory delights abound within,
soothing skin and soul,
permeating and removing the accumulated
grit of disappointment and falseness,
massaging in expanses of
fur-lined silken-textured

Monday, March 19, 2012

All things being equal

Vernal equinox
Sun center balancing,
hugging earth's equator
Days and nights briefly
the same span
balancing the knife edge
of death and new life
white and green
despair and hope
celebrating a birth date
tearing eyes away from
the grave of marriage to
gaze upon the beckoning
uplifting freshness of a
single spring.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Moon and seasonal changes
draw me to divest myself of
problems, persons, and clothing
that are restricting my growth.
I pause to bathe naked in that pure
unjudgmental luminosity,
cleansed and clear-eyed, then
twirling, loving, smiling, dancing
joyously free, childlike innocence
twinkling toes like blades of grass.
(Posted for Think Tank #87 - Moon, 3/13/12)


Illness receding
stress retiring
child fledging
new job incubating
partner transitioning
self centering.
A reminding touch,
chrysalis squirming
Poet writing.
(Posted for Poetry Pantry #91, 3/13/12)