Sunday, December 4, 2011

The details are in the listening

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The exhaustion of co-existing
with illness and past hurts
makes death's beckoning
curiously sapid.
I understand now
why my mother laid down
and allowed herself to be
taken so young.
Why not?
Cease to struggle and to
fight everyone and
everything; the siren
call of surrender, not
laziness or suicide.
I will likely live through
this, though my languid,
healing body is
for the first time
to that hail.
(Posted for One Single Impression 197, 12/4/11 and 
Gooseberry Garden's Poetry Picnic Week 16, 12/6/11)


  1. This is a very beautiful expression about how one perceives life... excellent words..

  2. I, too, have heard and understood, but not heeded that siren call. You explore this concept deftly. Salute!

  3. The many trials of life can make one seek a final ending. Such an emotional and tender piece.

  4. this is another amazing one.
    excellent poetry.

  5. a lot to think about here...nice job of writing

  6. Sometimes it seems the only relief is the siren song of surrender to goodbye. Amazingly well-written glimpse into a place we both share.

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