Sunday, October 23, 2011

Move it

The brain and the body
are knotted with scar tissue
fat cells, varicose veins,
scrambled metabolism,
slack muscles, and
mental sludge.
Limber up! I say to
myself, dragging soul and
flesh to the point of willingness.
The brain is agile, but the
body is stove up with neglect
and inactivity.
Feeling old, but it doesn't
have to be this way!
(Posted for One Single Impression 191, "Limber Up" and Poetry Pantry #72, 10/23/11)


  1. This is one limber older woman. I'm impressed! Enjoyed your poem on staying fit and limber.

  2. Wow, true, that's some limber woman whose picture you have up there :) Agile brain with body not up to scratch. Sigh, rings a bell :)

  3. I just can't believe how quickly it starts happening once you reach that age, not that I would know :D

  4. Feeling old is just an expression and an impression.The lady in the picture proved it! Excellent verse!



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