Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ticket please

I am a traveler, a runner, a 'geographical'
addict when there is trouble or turmoil or
no resolution or solutions to problems.
Standing in front of my mental train station,
agitated, I attempt
to decide where to go
It does not really matter as long as
I am anywhere but here,
ass on fire.
Life is still so not about about the destination
but the journey
and some recent legs of this one
have been incredibly hurtful.
(Written for Sepia Saturday 92, 9/17/11)

Thank you to the awesome poets at
Poetry Palace
for this week's award -
I don't know what
you all
see in me,
but I like it!


  1. I knew there was a back-story to the featured image : thanks for telling it in such a memorable way.

  2. Love it! It is an evocative image. Well told.


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