Saturday, September 17, 2011

Remember, child

Think back to when a cow was a
cow with a goofy grin and a
mushroom was a magic house,
and a duck, while being
teased by cheeky chipmunks,
could talk, scowl, photograph,
cuss in incomprehensible quacks
and not wear pants?
We giggled at that with
the humor of the young -
no pants! no pants!
Remember when skunks were
harmless and cute and
best buddies with fawns?
While everywhere were butterflies and
flowers and beauty and
astonishing colors that
seared themselves into innocent
memories to be recalled in older,
darker murkier days full of lies and
prevarication and
deliberate misleading.
Remember, child, and heal yourself
with dreams and love and the hope of
brighter days to come,
as you slog through
these times of despair.
(Written for Bluebell Books, Short Story Slam #10, 9/17/11)


  1. enjoyed it.

    very deep and meaningful entry.

  2. Excellent message for us all. I cling to my childhood memories in times of stress and trial. They can be a wonderful blessing! Very nice write!

  3. great! made me calm down a bit during my stressful day at work :)

  4. I really like this! We do need to remember those innocent days sometimes! *sigh* Why is it so difficult?

  5. Very profound! I think we all need to revisit the joy that captivated us in youth! :-)


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