Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Out of this world

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Hooked up to monitors and IV,
drawing blood, saline drip
inserted, blood pressure cuff
wrapped snugly around the
upper arm, nearly making
the head 'split'
every five minutes
with inflation,
the doctor explores
my interior world,
a landscape
rarely considered until
pain drives the body
through the doors of
the e.r., hoping for
and relief.
An x-ray proves the heart to
be clear of blockages, a
physical exam with gentle
pokes and prods
 reveals no masses,
repeated blood tests uncover
'spanking clean' cardiac results,
while an EKG with
numerous little sticky mouths
placed strategically over
pulse points discloses
no beating irregularities
or abnormalities.
He peeks in eyes
and ears and throat and
palpitates nearly every inch.
Amazing how with only one
piercing of the skin,
the chemistry and
status of this
inner outer space
is mapped out by
an intrepid internal
medical explorer.
Gastritis is the diagnosis.
(Written for Poetic Asides 147, "Out of this world", 9/7/11 and
posted for Thursday Poets Rally Week 51, 9/8/11)


  1. so detailed and lovely.

    Enjoyed the read.

  2. woohoo! surgical precision! my entry..

  3. I've heard that is rather painful, but better than the alternative.

    Hope you are well. : )

  4. Out of this world and inside of us..Intricately written..
    Nice work

  5. 'inner outer space'... Ohhhhh... Love it! Love it! You know I love it! And you take good care of yourself, OK? *big hugs*

  6. Wow the medical explorer what a way to put this one. such a great post and so happy I read this one. Please take care of yourself.

  7. Strange...but a very interesting read.

  8. ick! hope you are feeling better!

  9. clever write.
    I like the premise, and the last lines of the poem.
    Good work.

  10. Very well done and clever too! I liked it.


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