Thursday, September 15, 2011


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Dozens of them lurk
around the house,
in the car
on bookshelf or
magazine rack
upon the bed headboard
tucked into the purse
waiting cleanly and
patiently for a pen
a pencil
a box of markers
a stubby crayon
or in rare desperation
a fat black sharpie
to be grabbed by the muse
and wielded upon them
words, images, and inspiration
splashing, jumping, marching
scrawling, scribbling
desperation, angst, fear
excitement, sadness, laughter,
simply covering
their pristine pages.
(Written for One Single Impression 185, "Notebook", 9/15/11; also posted for
The Gooseberry Garden PP Week 5, "Object" 9/19/11)


  1. Do you really have many notebooks all around the place?! I do too! The muse won't escape us for the lack of paper, right? LOL

    Thanks for you kind visit and words on my blog, Poesia Torta. Nice too meet you.

    Take care and keep smiling. <3

  2. This really speaks to me, I can relate! You brought out the feelings so well.

    I gave you one of my weekly Goddess awards if you would like it for your sidebar. Stop by anytime!

    In joy,

  3. Very lovely. I hope you have some composition books in there. Those are my favorites. (And, of course, the iPad 2.)

  4. This is an excellent idea! to keep notebooks at different places! Many times I wish I had one handy and could put down my thoughts before they do vanishing trick!

    Nice read. Thanks.

  5. very vivid illustration of notebooks.

    join us today.

  6. Such great ideas and such a vivid illustration you paint with your words congrats on your award this last week

  7. I used to do that too. I also used to have my wife carry one while I was driving, so she could jot down notes for me. She wrote many a poem as I recited them while driving. Nicely done, Diva!

  8. very reflective.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. So true. Lovely, vivid writing. Thank you.


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