Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't forget your light

A sleepless night,
mentally packing the boxes,
turning over the thought of
self destruction as another exit.
Emotional baggage of memories,
hopes, dream, despair
so much more
burdensome than the physical
ones of books, clothing, gadgets.
(Posted for Midnight Snack #1, 9/6/11)


  1. I agree that this photo brought out depressing images and emotions. My poem was not particularly happy either! Congrats on being the first poster!

  2. Lots of truth here. Clearly, this prompt nudged us over to the dark side!


  3. I agree this was a depressing image. It triggered dark thoughts. And yes, emotional baggage is the hardest to deal with.

  4. I didn't get depressed... For once! *smile* I think we should try to pull the suitcase of our bad memories behind us (where it and they belong), not push it in front of us (where it and they are in our way as we reach for the light)... Love your words, Susan! *hugs*


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