Friday, September 2, 2011

Do you know?

What are you waiting for?
Where are you going to?
Who are you longing to be?
How many years will you stand
at the shore's edge, looking
for something or someone to
come to you?
(Posted for BlueBell Books, Short Story Slam #9, 9/2/11)


  1. Very nice. A good take on the prompt.

  2. Remarkable! It creates more stories behind. I am taking it with me and try to find the answer within :)

  3. love your wonders on her.
    brilliant entry.

  4. I love the mystery ! It all adds up to the possibility of a wonderful story waiting to be told ...

  5. So sad that she will stand there for many years. Hopefully she will find what she is looking for

  6. The last question pretty much says it all so well. One can spend too long contemplating such questions and waiting for life to come to them instead of diving in headfirst. To contemplate is good, to participate, even better!! Great take on the prompt!

  7. Great questions! I can see her asking them of herself as her life moves out to sea. Nice job!

  8. Very thought-provoking piece! An excellent take on the prompt :-)


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