Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All in His Plan

He was sitting, quivering on the
blacktop in front of my
doctor's office, feathers bedraggled.
I crouched next to him and he looked
up at me, unafraid. I spoke to him and
encouraged him to get out of the
driveway before he got ran over.
Head cocked, listening, he crouched
on his six square inches of warmed tarmac.
Speculating that he might be injured, I reached
out a cautious hand to pick him up and
relocate him to the grass.
He hopped away each time I almost
touched him, looking at me defiantly.
I finally walked away and let him be,
thinking of the scripture about how
God takes care of even sparrows and
what that tiny feathered angel might have
been trying to tell me on
His behalf.
(Posted to dVerse, Open Link Night #11, 9/28/11 and for
Poetry Picnic #10, "Nature et al", 10/24/11))


  1. hope that the little bird was ok, i imagine that he would fly away, a tender write...

  2. Many times they bash themselves on all our glass--injure their brains and then take a long time to die. Hopefully this one made it.

  3. A sweet write. I hope that the little bird was fine.

  4. Nature is so beautiful in it's raw state.... very touching story.... I can not lie, I have eaten probably a dozen deer in my life. But one night my 14 year old daughter and I were traveling on a deserted rural, black night when we came across a doe n the road that had apparently been struck. She was baying ferociously as we exited the vehicle and walked toward her to check on her. Her eyes were just frantic, and she couldn't move. So we backed up, but not far, and crouched to the ground to let her know we weren't a threat. And her eyes became peaceful again as we just talked to her for abut 15 minutes..... She rested her head on the pavement and just watched and listened to us. Finally she gave out one last snort and just died.... Chelsea cried for the remaining hour it took for us to get home.... so yes, it is indeed very touching, I know...... Nice story....

  5. vivid capture of the bird, amazing imagery,

    best regards of it.
    fantastic write.

  6. Wonderful story, Diva. And, I think you did the right thing in leaving the bird in God's hands.

  7. Wonderful poem, and God cares for each of us and each of them. I wonder too what He sends as a message with the animal angels that come to our lives. Lovely.

  8. Nice observation. Outward as was as inward.


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