Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time to say goodbye


So many deaths, farewells, and
changes in the last year
Foster father
other family members
some friendships
daughter an adult
old dreams briefly given life
but viciously betrayed.
I find myself wondering
how to go on after nearly
two decades of focusing on
parenting and now lately a
deteriorating marriage that
started out like a fairy tale.
What should be next?
The possibilities are endless
school - moving - job - dating -
writing -
but it is up to me to see
these negatively or
Wanting to be positive, but
the depression of perceived failure and
loss threatens to drag
me down to darkest dungeons.
Posted for Carry On Tuesday #119, Time to say goodbye, 8/23/11)


  1. I appreciate the hon writiest expression of your feelings here. We do never know what is around the corner in our lives. We just have to keep walking.

  2. OOPS, It should say 'honest expression'

  3. I second Mary - great honesty - I admire your knowing that one chooses the negative or positive outlook. I exchanged the word "failure" in my life to "Life lessons" - each one of which makes us who we are. Keep writing - and keep on keeping on. You're on the most amazing journey. The journey of the Self.

  4. I admire your courage to write your honest emotions ... the wisdom of realizing you have a choice from which stand you will delve into - negative or positive ... Personally, I have come to believe there are no failures in life - only stepping stones of lessons and learning experiences ... Blessings as you take the next step on your journey!


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