Monday, August 15, 2011

Remember when

Image credit: tylerlorr,com

One piercing direct pheromone-laden look
would drench me with unexpected need.
Thighs touching through denim would flush
my entire body, light-headed and thoughtless
with adolescent lust.
A finger linked with one of yours, sitting
side by side, made my fifteen year old body
throb with slow, newly experienced heat.
The full body hug weakened the knees and
instinctively tipped the pelvis forward to
fit carefully against your own bony straining hips.
And we hadn't even taken our clothing off
yet. And we never did.
But I will never forget those first feelings, newly
experienced, burned in my brain and my skin,
of desire, so heady and
innocently novel.

Posted for Poetry Potuck 48, "Passionate Nights of Love", 8/14/11)


  1. Wow! This is so realistic, I wondered if I was the one you write about. I was there! Great poem about real life and those first experiences!

    Here's my offering for Potluck 48:

  2. brilliant expression, thanks for sharing.

  3. honest and beautiful.

    Thanks for linking.

  4. That's fucking brilliant. Love it.


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