Monday, August 22, 2011

Quick! Say cheese....

Fresh-faced smiles, laughter
and young hopes.
They could be my parents
fifty years ago.
I love to imagine them
young and excited and
irreverently adventurous
rather than the older,
very religious and rather
rigid people that raised
six daughters.
When we are young,
we so do not imagine we
are mortal, that our parents
won't live forever, or even
that we will age.
We simply glow with
boundless energy and live in
every coming moment that is
a possibility that we are
certain we are entitled to.
(Posted for Magpie Tales, Mag 79, 8/22/11)


  1. So very true, as I'm living this stage of life now. Well done!


  2. kidding - some days I want those back seats back...alas

  3. Both my parents are gone now...I look at their photographs when they were young and wonder...thank you for your beautiful words

  4. what a great reflection back to the past

    what a relief to know we too can be young at heart like the old pictures (even if our kids don't ("get it")

  5. Yup, moments are gone leaving only memories behind.

  6. Well, that was lovely...Living in the moment always works..
    To not age,at heart,is a beautiful thought.
    It keeps us happy, isn't it?

  7. all that energy and excitement, wish we could bottle it and carry it forward into later life eh? smiles. we do tend to think we are immortal...

  8. How very true! When you are seventeen you can't imagine ever being 50 or 60, but when you get there and look back it seems like it was a very quick trip :)
    Love your take on the pic.

  9. So true and wonderfully written!

  10. I hear you! Looking at pictures of my parents when they were young puts me into 'their shoes' then too. It is a good thing, I guess, that young people really don't realize what all lies ahead.

  11. Dear WyomingDiva: Kids love to be in the moment

    glow with
    boundless energy and live in
    every coming moment that is

    This is something I want to get back to and feel it is a given right and "entitled to"!

    Thank-you for nudging me towards this child-like way of being again!

  12. What happy memories of youth you have! Hope you had that kind of growing up and your parents as well.


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