Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Patiently waiting

Let's ignore the obvious that
there is a problem in the room
and just stare off into the distance
pretending you are alone and that
everything is fine in your life.
But that bear isn't going to disappear
because you ignore it.
No, it'll still be there, whether it is
sitting on your bed next to you or
cuddling you at night,
riding in your car,
hiding under your desk at work,
lurking next to the refrigerator,
or sitting at your dining room table,
waiting for you to officially take notice of
it and perhaps succumb to its
deadly embrace
this time.
That's the problem with the bear
or the elephant in the living room
or whatever others name your
tacky little addiction problem.
No points for style, it's still going
to be there, very patient addiction is.
Are you going to let it
hang out there, ignored, unchallenged
and untended, until it
attacks you again? Will you live
through that attack this time?
Or will that bear finally take you
down this time, chewing your bones
while everyone mourns that you were
killed in a car wreck, of an overdose,
or in a drug deal gone bad?
Or will you ask for some help and
get that bear out of your house and your
life? The Game and Fish of recovery
is awaiting your request, sedating dart in hand,
patient as well.

(Posted for We Write Poems, "Girl, Bed, and Bear", 8/3/11)


  1. Brilliant metaphor, powerfully played out throughout. Brava.

  2. An excellent metaphor! So many of us took a literal approach that your poem really stands out.


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