Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Musings on death

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What happens after?
It seems illogical that we
are 'here' one moment and
'not' the following.
I don't buy into the whole
Christian afterlife shtick -
after all, only one guy
allegedly came
back to talk about it and
even his words are heavily
disputed and argued and
What is heaven and hell?
It seems a matter of geography
to my mind - heaven is the
Presence of God in my life and
hell is His absence.
By this logic, I'm already in heaven
and any hell I've experienced has
been definitely self inflicted.
But...what happens after death?
Reincarnation makes more
sense to my skeptical mind,
that life force moves to a
different form or time
but even that seems to have
little evidence to support it.
Neither of these concepts do -
it's all about faith or what
one believes in.
I believe in
what I can see
and touch and smell and read
and hear and write.
But yet I wonder - when that
which is me is released from or
leaves this body in death,
what's next?
(Posted for dVerse Poets Pub, OpenLinkNight Week 7, 8/30/11 and 
for dVerse Poetics In Memoriam 9/11/11)


  1. You already know how impressed I am with your ability to make the neurons in my brain fire, and you've done it again. And the bit about how having God in your life now would mean you're already in heaven... Hmmm... I like!

    I have no idea what happens after death... Would nothingness be such a bad thing? This requires pondering... *smile*

  2. truly does make one think. All I hope is it's a fun ride after this one, who knows what will occur though. But if nothing then guess we won't fret about it..haha

  3. Very well done and really makes you think

  4. Cogent, articulate-- enjoyable. A cascade of important and definitely unanswerable questions! xxxxj

  5. " . . But yet I wonder - when that which is me is released from or leaves this body in death,
    what's next? . ." Perhaps you are destined to wonder eternally.

    It is an intriguing musing.


  6. there are so many theories on what comes next...i figure we will know when we get there...we cant even agree on what heaven looks like...nice thought provoking piece...

  7. a thought provoking poem...nice share.

  8. a very provocative piece... so much to ponder on.

    I like to believe that even if I'm wrong and there is no God, there is no living forever in heaven... that my life now is truly that much better because of my faith in all of these things.

  9. I'm sure sure what's its all about after either, either. But I'm banking that love will continue leading the way.

  10. Since you seem to be putting the question out there, here is what I believe: this "me" is the only me there ever was and ever will be. All the more reason to make it the best me I possibly can.

  11. in the end i figure we will know our answer...might as well make this one count just in case eh? smiles.


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