Sunday, August 28, 2011

Looking forward

Everything has a tint of gloom to it lately.
Looming empty nest status.
Troubled marriage possibly imploding.
No real ties to town or family now.
The horizon is wide open with
possibilities. I could do anything!
But I'm scared.
Of change.
Of pursuing old/new dreams.
Of being alone.
Of succeeding.
Of failing.
Standing still is more terrifying, however.
I will step forward.
I will try new ventures.
Paint pictures.
Write books.
See old friends.
Test new employment.
Acquire more education.
Try romance once again.
Travel to other countries
and other parts of this one.
Climb mountains.
Zip glide.
You know, bucket list stuff.
(Posted for Magpie Tales, Mag 80, 8/28/11)


  1. traveling is a way to find new meanings in life.

    sail on.
    love your magpie.

  2. A soulful write. A time of change can always lead to new beginnings. One day at a time.

  3. Oh yes, that old bucket list thing! I encourage you to go for every single dream you have ....

  4. smiles. do it now before it gets too each day to its full...

  5. You have a good bucket list; maybe I should make up one too. :-)

  6. Bucket lists are what dreams are made of - go for them! Live the dream!

    Anna :o]

  7. Positive piece of writing! Move on to pursue your dreams.

  8. I like how you used the color of the umbrella as a symbol for taking chances. I enjoyed this piece.

  9. One thing is for sure. Your writing is not imploding!

  10. Wide choices. Please don't bucket them!


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