Monday, August 29, 2011

Fireworks and flowers

Image taken at Alta Mira Gallery, Jackson WY

Excitement pounding my ears,
I still crave that weak-kneed feeling of
you enclosing me in your passion,
arms around and supporting me
as you bent to our first kiss,
emotions swirling as at last we
meld our bodies and minds in a
love we are certain no one
else has ever felt before
senses overwhelmed and vision
narrowed to just we two.
Truly, the bands played and the
fireworks exploded and tiny animals
frolicked and flowers burst into bloom and
stars went nova when we first
pressed our lips together that
New Year's Eve, confident we couldn't
be any happier.

(Posted for Gooseberry Garden, Poetic Picnic #2, "The Kiss", 8/29/11)


  1. i like this! nostalgic and sweet! thank you for sharing this. my entry:

  2. Very vivid images of all the exploding activity when the first kiss was happening. Very nice!

    My entry:

  3. sound and colorful imagery.

    Happy Poetry Picnic!


  4. i love how beautifully you captured the magic of it all :)

  5. This entry made me fondle the memory of my first kiss.
    Well done!


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