Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cathedral of trees

She walks without a sound,
feet reverently treading the
pine needle carpet,
her voice murmuring
to me about memories,
current day events,
We don't talk about spirituality,
but it is clear to me that
her love of this place is a form of
worship, simple and old and lovely.
I admire the life she has made for
herself and her calm self-acceptance,
no longer fighting anyone or anything,
even herself.
I can only hope to emulate
such peace.
(Posted for Sepia Saturday 88, 8/20/11)


  1. Beautiful! I loved this poem.

    So serene, yet so filled with the senses.

  2. A lovely discourse on the spiritual effect of trees (and all nature) upon us.

  3. There are so many poems about trees - it's not surprising that they inspire the poets amongst us.

  4. Enjoyed reading your poet and how true it is....

  5. Ah yes, the church of the redwoods. It does tend to bring out the poet in all whether by words or tears.


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