Friday, August 19, 2011

The castle of self

Dark castle

Ever have days where you
feel like you are under attack
by something in the universe?
Taken a couple virtual punches
to the head today from people who
are absolutely LYING about
what I have done and my
motives for doing so.
The adult in me knows the
truth and feels ambivalent about
these events, but the child deep
within is terrified, hurting,
crying, wanting to sleep or escape
somehow from the implicit threat
in these episodes.
Take cover.
Or attack back. Viciously.
Though that tends to result in
more hurt to us.
Do I give off a vibe or a scent
that draws in the wolves of
other people's problems to attack
or blame?
I don't get it.
But I am mentally
armored, drawbridge up and
moat full of 'gators,
ready to isolate.
(Posted for Poetry Pantry, 8/22/11)


  1. Maybe explain to them the truth of the matter? Explain how hurt you felt at being misunderstood, and tell them you have no wish to cause bad feeling. Understanding is the key to solving the problem, you from your perspective and they from theirs. Perhaps explain in a short note, rather than face to face, then there's no chance of either party getting too emotional to see straight...
    I hope you work things out, and feel better as a result.♥

  2. It has taken me a long time to understand that I am who I am and not who people say I am. When people say something cruel, untrue, critical, etc. it says much more about them that it does about the other person. When I feel really hurt, it is a good opportunity to look at what it is in me that feels such pain. There is always a lesson in every situation. You write from your truth. I like that. Thank you! hugs, pat


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