Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Before the marriage
and the sex
before the babies
and the war
the many jobs, the
traveling, the affairs,
the illegitimate children,
before the alcohol and the drugs
and the fights and beatings and
molestation and cigarettes and
heart attacks, cancer, death,
Alzheimer's, petty dishonesties and
major crimes, and
before so many other tiny losses,
murders, and family histories and mysteries,
there was just this young couple
full of dreams and schemes and cautious kisses
on a porch-lit night,
slapping mosquitoes while
listening to crickets and murmuring
parents, dreaming of
none of the above.
(Posted for Magpie Tales 77, 8/8/11)


  1. Whoa...quite a flashback...quite an eerie future...but still sometimes so true...
    hmm who can predict future...
    Sad reality, brilliantly told...

  2. I do like that touch of mosquito in the ideal summer night.

  3. if we only knew what we were getting in to, would we do it anyway?

    very thought provoking!

  4. If we knew what lurked around the corner and into the beyond ... would we commit? Of course. This is beautiful.

  5. Great rush-of-a-read that dovetails nicely and progressively.

  6. OMG! This made me tear up. Very powerful and creative! BRAVO!

  7. This is one brilliant take on the Magpie.


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