Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Truth in advertising

Happy, sensual, full of hope
breasts proudly displayed
reaching for the star, comfortably 
lightly seductively clad, 
all from the seat of a bicycle,
the main focus of the image.
You too can have a heavenly experience
and maybe the lady too
if you only had a Sirius Cycle to ride.
Mother's voice in my head can't see the
advertisement or the bike, only the 
near nudity and revelry and lusty joyful
femininity, which must be bad or 
evil in her heavily Catholicized mind.
Why not enjoy the scenery and the dream -
why must your voice always intrude with
negative and moral judgment of even the
simplest beauty?
(Posted for Mag 75, 7/25/11)


  1. I agree, and I responded to the ad, too.

  2. I noticed the bare breasts after reading you,
    lovely tale.

  3. I had forgotten about the Magpie this week... So not only did you remind me, you gave me plenty of inspiration too... There is something so... Weird... about how we are hypocrites about the naked body. *sighing and pondering* Thank you so much for this!

  4. There's always someone ready to rain on your parade. Pity it was the mother with the heavily Catholicized mind. I like that expression. Nice Magpie.


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