Sunday, July 3, 2011

To my sister friend

The first person in my life
to whom I have told everything.
She knows all about my childhood
abuse neglect rampant disrespect
my adulthood
the addictions and the
sleazy times and the oh-so-rare
good times
poverty and poverty
college and work
the two marriages
the child and how she was conceived
my feelings about parents and family
the struggles to become physically and
emotionally sober.
She stood up for me at my wedding!
She doesn't care what size I am
how broke out my face is.
She never judges or criticizes me, no
matter much I cry and cry when
we talk until I can hardly see or breathe
for sorrow and anger.
She is excited with me when I am
strong and powerful at times.
And I know all these things about her.
How would I survive without you,
Michelle? I'm loving you, we always
tell each other at the end of every talk.
So precious to believe she really does.

(Posted for Poetry Potluck's Theme of "Siblings, Cousins, and Friends", 7/3/11)


  1. you are lucky, and blessed to have such! Thanks for sharing, beautiful piece! :)
    happy potluck!

  2. Ah! Life's wonderful experiences! There is no right or wrong - just experiences. Beautifully portrayed.

  3. How wondrous that you found one another. Truly a gift and a blessing. You describe the loving relationship so well.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  5. Such a blessing for you to have such a wonderful sister in the face of all you've been through. Beautiful and emotional write


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