Friday, July 22, 2011

Terrible beauty

The many and varicolored lights,
 the shapely buildings,
statuesque and artistic, 
squat and tall, 
wide and slender,
the lowering clouds enveloping the
insect-like busyness
of people, shadow and illumination, 
stadiums, water bodies, darkness too 
deep to explore, 
glittering danger, 
beautiful, attracting, and 
terrifying to one who grew up
and still joyfully lives in the 
inky absolute nights of 
sparsely populated landscapes, the 
only relief to a black night the 
occasional electric sparkle, 
such lone stars welcoming, comforting, 
contrasted with the glittering and 
appalling galaxies of the city, 
an intimidating profusion of glare.

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  1. Beautiful verse.City life is full of mysteries!


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