Thursday, July 14, 2011


With my purple chalk
I draw a square around myself
big enough for me to stand or
sit in, and defy the world to
step over my boundaries,
physical or mental.
I must be who I am, I must.
I can't allow you to try to squeeze
into my square or pull me out
without my permission, though
I have permitted that in the past.
Yes, you must be true to yourself
but you only recently told me who
you were. I have always been honest
with you, though you chose not to
hear or thought you could change me.
You can't. And I don't perceive that
you are completely honest yet.

(Posted for Theme Thursday, "Square", 7/14/11)


  1. Can relate to this. Superb versifying, esp. the lines: ". . . I don't perceive that you are completely honest yet."

    That applies to so many people around me right now.

    One suggestion: lose the last two lines - it's superfluous, too telling/overkill - let the reader realize this in a sublime manner, and it feels. . . well, more deliciously realized and resounding. =)

    What does it taste like? It's different for each person, ennit? ;P

  2. Thinking oneself out of ones own square is often therapetic.

  3. Nicely done. I'm amazed at the amount of good poetry written in blogs nowadays. So many people with quiet talent.


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