Sunday, July 3, 2011

Something simple

When things were this easy?
The formula was beautiful and simple.
Boy plus girl equals love, 
not hurt.
Hunger plus food equals full, 
not fat.
Mom plus dad made happy kids, 
not abuse.
School with books created knowledge
and the fun of learning, 
not bullying.
Sunny day mixed with enthusiasm, fun
with family and friends, 
not judgment and critcism.
Drowsy plus bed equals sleep, 
not insomnia.
Idea stirred with a pen and paper birthed writing, 
not a mean ol' inner editor and writer's block.

Image plus inspiration, equal poem.
Not anything else for a change!

(Submitted for Theme Thursday, 6-30-11)


  1. Wouldn't life be wonderful if it were still like that? *sigh* Then again... If everything was simple we'd probably be bored out of our brains soon enough...

  2. So well I remember. Our brave new world is so much uglier than the old one. Thanks for reminding me how it once was.

  3. simply moving , i love it , it got me yearning to a time that i never lived , hope u'll like my take on the theme :) keep up the good work :)


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