Monday, July 4, 2011

Cruel crewel

Running my fingers through
richly colored threads in a
basket, I consider the tapestry that
might be stitched to
attempt to capture, however
feebly, the bittersweet feelings of
writing, death, and change.
I begin to sew.
Brilliantly pigmented patterns
emerge, corkscrewing hues
long silken technicolor rows
radiating golden ripples
shadowed emerald fields
border that might be ditch or stream
stained glass mountains
pumpkin tinted fence
faintly church-like building.
Are those people or trees or rock formations?
Orange blooms of fall trees
or is that fire?
Jewel toned scales command a section of
the hills.
Is the sun rising or setting?

(Posted for Magpie Tales 72, 7/4/11 & for One Single Impression 192, "Sunset," 11/14/11)


  1. open minded version in your words.'
    beautiful magpie.

  2. The special treatment of colors and patterns of Vincent's paintings vividly recorded in your poem. Beautiful piece.

  3. my fingers are itching to play with your silken colours! lovely poem

  4. Evocative, rich response to prompt-- hello to Wyo Diva from Jen in Fort Collins! xxxj

  5. Brilliantly pigmented patterns -- of poesy. Very well done.

  6. Crewel would be the best needlework to do to capture Van Gogh's work...either that, or quilting.

    What a clever piece!

  7. Exquisite I love the imagery especially in the beginning. You are a masterful poet

  8. Beautiful. I used to find sewing therapeutic. It has been replaced with poetry, I'm afraid.

  9. This is lovely - I like it a lot - maybe because tapestry waas my theme. :)

  10. Tapestry ~ yes! Beautifully woven Magpie Tale.


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