Monday, July 18, 2011

Painting whispers

Summer's hike on Pilgrim Creek turned up a
secret, sunlight grove in the trees
quiet, misty, mossy clad, downed trees
dappled with rays, tiny insects, and
a breath-holding silence.
Easy to imagine and sense magic
in such a secluded spot, almost not-heard
sounds tickling the corner of one's ears
and almost not-seen movements dancing
on the edge of vision.

(Posted for Poetry Potluck Week 44, 7/18/11)


  1. Natures beauty expressed exquisitely.

  2. magical moments captured here.
    well done.

    Happy Potluck.

  3. You have to remember to tell me to remember to breathe at the end of your poems! I was holding my breath while I read this (and I didn't even realise). So beautiful, just so very, very beautiful! ... and breathe... *smile*

  4. Beautiful I love those closing lines and the photograph is gorgeous too. I really love finding those magical spots when walking in a forest


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