Monday, July 4, 2011

Original sister friend

In my dreams last night
my first sister friend and I were
once again in high school but as the
grown-up strong beautiful women
we are now.
It was the last day of school and
I was cleaning out my locker of
papers and backpacks, stuffing a
trash can full of detritus, turning in
the combination lock at the office,
ready to walk out the front door with
nothing in my hands except my
dreams and hopes.
Her locker, though, was a wonder
in this dream, a huge room
that looked more like a store, that
she didn't even put a lock on, she
trusted that much.
Hers was full of jewels and gems and
colorful fabrics and scarves, all without
number, all made by her and
many classmates were wandering through to
admire her amazing wares.
Jealous and inspired by the beauty
of her creations and the constancy of
her locker of dreams and creativity,
I asked to join up with her and
add a coffee counter and baked goods
and we laughed together at combining
our creative efforts just for the
sheer joy of doing so without any thought
of really making money at it.
At the end of the dream, we are walking
down Beck Avenue away from the high
school, just behind the courthouse,
laughing and talking, hand in hand,
following the same routes home that we
had in our actual high school days.

(Dedicated to EchoPandora, the best sister friend any girl could ask for.)

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