Saturday, July 30, 2011

A moment in time

I want to be this classy woman
all heels and hose, exquisitely coiffed,
with delicate feminine gloves and hat
but I have never known how to pull
this look and moment off.
My life has always been a chaos
of jobs, kid, finances, school, men, and 
family of origin crap to ever attempt to
look this together, except perhaps on
my wedding day.
Wait, maybe that is what is going on in
this picture - an exquisitely constructed moment
captured in sepia, that does not show the
reality of her life either, the floor
mopping and machine washed and
line-dried diapers and clothing
and the drunk, smoking, smack-her-around
husband over a dutifully prepared dinner.
There I go again, comparing my insides
to someone else's (carefully crafted) outsides.

(Posted for Sepia Saturday, July 30, 2011)


  1. Good thinking and narrative. That is so true, when one poses for a photo no one knows what may really be going on.

  2. Welcome to Sepia Saturday : I love the way you dig under the emulsion of the photograph in search of what might be there. Images make such wonderful prompts for creativity don't they?

  3. I enjoyed your take on the photo; it's even better if you read it out loud.


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