Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In my head I paint a picture

A portrait of you
blooming with health
hair dark, long, curly and luxuriously
sensual, your skin clear and soft
your eyes kind and brown, your
body sturdy and strong.
Your arms open to me and your
other children, to enfold us in
affection and acceptance and pride,
while grandchildren and significant
others orbit with excitement
waiting their turn to bathe in
your gentleness and love,
you, the gloriously whole and
long-lived matriarch of a huge
clan of beautiful girls and their
families, of your own making,
cherished by your groom and your
children, adoring us too.
(Posted for Carry On Tuesday, #115, 7/26/11)


  1. This is a great portrait of love. I can only relate in my mind, but I still think it is wonderful. Congratulations on your togetherness.

  2. This is wonderful. Reminded me of my grandmother and how since her passing I sometimes imagine her being included in family get-togethers.


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