Thursday, July 28, 2011


Dear Willard,
What a surprise to see your
name, my old elementary school,
on the envelope!
I have such fond memories of
you, especially my earlier years
in your halls, joyfully discovering
the fabulousness that is a library
full of books, and winning a
writing contest at the tender age
of 9, cementing my life-long interest
in wordsmithing.
Tether-ball recess,
trench digging, Girl Scouts,
choir concerts, state projects,
fitness awards, perfect attendance,
and writing, always writing.
I faithfully drive past and study
you when I am in the neighborhood,
remembering your safe influence.
(Posted for Theme Thursday, "Letter", 7/28/11)


  1. sounds like you had wonderful experiences during your school years at Willard :)

  2. I agree - sounds like wonderful days and wonderful memories.

    Anna :o]

  3. I have similar feelings every time I go to meeting since the rooms are in the building just next to my old Primary School. Wonderful to see the old places, isn't it?

  4. There are treasures in our lives.

    I had an art teacher who took me with him into the hills on a couple of day trips, painting, when i was in early highschool. I learnt so much from watching him at work. Would be allowed now though. Mr Murdoch has taught us all to be afraid of our teachers.


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