Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer day

As I write during this laid-back
morning, I cherish the sound of the
lawn mower; someone else is
cutting the grass besides me.
The Kid is rummaging around
the house, cooking, chattering,
gaming, cleaning; I listen to her,
relaxed, loving that I no longer
have to feed or dress her or
monitor her closely.
Someone else has 'duty'
on the work phone today; I can
scribble uninterrupted by telemarketers,
wholesalers, and (gasp) customers.
All three jobs have been worked at
this week and all books are up-to-date;
I am blissed out to have only a dentist
appointment to attend today, instead of
juggling work, kid, other commitments
and home to complete all the chores and
duties of mother and wife and employee.
Today is the dream of a day I have
had all my life, to be truly able to
enjoy the day and not be worried
about the future or regretting the
past, creative ink flowing and mind
at ease.

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