Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Strange dreams

In a dream last night, I spotted my 
deceased mother at the local Gambles store.
She was talking to me and I could actually see and
hear her and she proceeded to nag me about the
state of the carpet in my house.
It seems that the Gambles hardware store was 
going out of business and had become a 
flooring and wallpaper store, so we 
wandered around the store
looking at the selections and then
Dad came in to get something and I told him about 
seeing Mom and that she was right there and
he looked at me like I was crazy and then
suddenly he could see her and she proceeded to chew 
him out about how he had not given me and my
sisters the sets of cookware and dishes they had agreed
upon us getting after she died so then
Dad left the store to complete her mission
and she and I went along with him.
He gave us the sets and also told us we should make 
popcorn with them. I told the sisters about seeing 
Mom at Gambles and that she really was right there, 
but they also looked at me like I was nuts. 
Mom got frustrated with them and huffed off
into the ever after or wherever she was hanging
out before we started this funky dream shopping trip.
Suddenly I was at the house we lived
at when I was in grade school, in the basement
play room and I was watching a presentation by Dad
with my husband's bible study group, eating 
popcorn, playing cards and trying to figure out how to 
hang the sliding closet doors.
And then it was morning.
What the hell did that all mean?

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  1. My psychoanalyst would be absolutely ecstatic if I could relate a dream that vivid and full of meaning to him even once! *smile*


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