Friday, June 24, 2011

Reunion I

Barely a week now until
the thirtieth class reunion.
I've never attended one;
my life was always a wreck
in previous decades and I
couldn't bear to put my problems
or my body on display for
their delectation. After all,
high school had often been a time
of rather intense harassment.
As I anticipate this event, I
am contemplating my former
classmates and wondering about
the changes I will see. After all,
I have changed incredibly!
I'm betting that while bodies and
hair colors will vary, some personalities
will be exactly the same, especially as
I observe a bunch of them, on Facebook,
plotting the first night's gathering at a bar.
I don't drink anymore!


  1. Meeting people from so long ago can be terrifying! I don't envy you, but at the same time I do... Just think of how wonderful it will feel to show them who you've become (I know that's kind of like gloating, but still... *smile*)!

  2. Greetings,
    How are you?
    Inviting you to join poetry potluck week 41 tomorrow,
    Any poems are welcome…
    Always, your talent is sunshine to us.

  3. I am both jealous that you will be there
    and relieved that I will not.
    Enjoy it,
    flaunt it,
    but remember
    You were always better than most of them
    and I always knew it.

    If any of them are worth it
    give them a hug from me,
    if not
    keep them all for you

    from dixie,
    with a thousand hugs


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