Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Restless irritable discontent

Getting back on the old
food plan is hell when I've
been indulging myself for several
months now with all my
favorite eats. Physical withdrawals
aside, the worst part is the mental
addiction that must be endured.
 Food is a drug for me,
sedating my feelings, responses.
On food, I'm very mellow.
Initially being 'off' the binge foods
(sugar, wheat, potatoes)
I'm snappish, crabby, sensitive,
hair-trigger pissed off. I've been
ranting for hours to anyone who
will listen to me about the failings
of the world and pretty much everyone
else who enters my orbit.
Every word my family says to me
garners a snarl in response.
It'll be better tomorrow, but oh boy,
is everyone in trouble today.
I can hardly wait for the peace of
being totally abstinent to kick in
once again.

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