Sunday, June 19, 2011


Grumpy from the moment of awakening.
The complexity of  'the humors' is ever
fascinating, a eclectic and varying
blend of anniversaries,
dreams about sex or no sex,
financial challenges and goals,
vacation or lack thereof,
seasons, forest fires (real and perceived),
roommates, contact with family of origin,
body pain, dietary choices, weather
events, dating, exercise, recovery activity,
addiction/abstinence status, odors,
meetings, sleep patterns, and work load.
Today seems to be a mixture of
Father's Day, complacent spouse,
indifferent father, perceived dietary
deprivation (none), and low barometer.
Unable to shake the claws of lowness
off the shoulders and out of the head,
unwilling to eat to stuff it down or
scream it out in familial disputes and
too rainy to walk it off.
Might as well write about it and
hope that the pen and the ether-net
serve to dissipate the cloudy darkness
inside the confused head.

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