Friday, June 17, 2011

Dreams unravelled

Remembering falling in love
the absolute certainty of God's choosing of
this perfect partner for me and the unfolding
fairytale courtship and wedding that
came together spiritually and almost magically.
Reality is not nearly as pretty or certain
but one day at a time, it works and we
go forward, despite the disappointments and
tiny betrayals and unexpected thoughtless
loneliness of the complacent male and the
still fully-engaged female, talking to only herself
after so many hopes and dreams finally crumble.
Love is still there, but definitely manifesting
differently than initially demonstrated and expected.
I wonder, as I observe a sister 'falling in love' 
yet again, if she knows that even the most
perfect partner will someday put up his
feet and doze in front of the television, intellectual
intimacy and hot nights casually neglected in the 
day-to-day sloth of an established relationship.
Should I remind her of our respective pasts?
Would she even listen or believe?
We both have a tendency to think
it will be different this time, though our
histories have always proven otherwise.

And I'd like to nominate CC Champagne for consideration!


  1. awesome...

    perfect acceptance.

  2. Love is like a needs to be nurtured & cherished to blossom & grow.

    A very thought-provoking poem.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Congratulations on receiving the award!

  3. Wow! Only saw this now (have been too lax when it comes to reading, apparently)! Thank you for the nomination, much delayed in my gratitude, but thank you nonetheless!

    And, as always, an extra wow for the excellent writing! *smile*

    Will send you an e-mail after work (or during if I can find the time) today!


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