Monday, May 16, 2011

Truth could have saved the child

Each time I defend my daughter
or express concern about yours,
I get in trouble.

What is pride worth?

Yours has an eating disorder and
multiple persons have told me about it.
I carefully bring up the topic, only to
hear I have no idea what 
I am talking about.

Your daughter accuses mine of theft
while mine tells me where the item in
question is hidden at your house,
hidden by your daughter to get
mine in trouble. 
Upon revealing this to you, I am informed 
that I am delusional and that I
must somehow be enabling my own
daughter's purported stealing.

Yours is sneaking around with boys.
You tell me I'm a troublemaker, 
even though I've seen her 
with my own eyes
climbing in the back of a truck 
with the boy you assured me 
she was no longer seeing.

Your daughter is caught having sex
with that same boy under a school
staircase right at the same time that
mine got accepted to Girls' State and
now mine desperately wishes
no one knew your daughter is
her cousin.

Everyone knows about that one
even you can't deny it happened
but you tried, from what I hear.

I didn't even ask you about this event -
being her mother is probably
punishment enough.

My codependent child tells me, in tears,
that your precious child is 
cutting herself with a razor.

This time, I don't tell you.
I tell the counselors at school,
begging them to protect my identity
but needing to create a record somewhere
anywhere outside of my head
of the tragedy I can clearly see coming.

Your daughter gets caught carving 'help' in her arm
in a school bathroom.

She gets sent away for treatment.

And when I express my care and concern
for your lovely troubled daughter,
I am told that I am a
jealous liar.

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