Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stepchild blues

I understand your rage at
your father for
not being there for you
when you were a kid.

I feel the same anger at my parents.

It's very unfair, isn't it?

In many ways, we are still
uncertain children, urgently
craving unconditional
love from our parents, wanting to
learn to how to live
(rather than just survive) and to
heal our old hurts.

I can't change my parents.

You can't change yours.

I can't make them love me the way I (still)
desperately need them to love me.

You can't make him be whatever it is you lack.

I had to make my own life
my own happiness and
find my own God who
(loves me wildly and completely and)
compassionately parents me
every day.

You must seek the same.

Blessings on you, dear one.
I know your pain.

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