Thursday, May 5, 2011

Starter marriage package

Cinco de Mayo my ass
Uncertainty self doubt hope
led to those vows
I cared for you
but feared no one else
ever would love me again or
even ask me to get married
as you had.
You said you loved me but really
you were just as afraid of being alone
and being found out for who you really
were,  both of us desperate and lonely liars.
Standing in front of the judge
in Loveland Colorado (the irony
has never left me), judged and ignored
and abandoned by our parents,
we didn't have a clue or a basis for a
lifetime relationship.
I wish the knowledge of this old
anniversary date would leave me
as I left you so long ago. At least it doesn't
hurt like it did then.

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  1. aw. i have one of those days too, coming up.


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