Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sacred places

The holy things in my life are honored
with dedicated spaces.
A writing desk is an altar,
a beautiful roll top desk requested
from a family member.
The muse is esteemed with a cleared area
books and papers organized
pens and pencils and computer
each in their place.
Cleansing, scented white candle often lit to
clear and protect the space as well as 
focus inspiration.
Beautiful scrolled bookends
holding precious books on
writing and grammar and inspiration.
Family respects the dedication
to the craft by not invading this sanctuary
with their possessions or energy.
A simple dresser in the bedroom
draped with a swatch of inherited lace
holds candles and cards and mala beads
meditation books
a rededicated chalice
from a Christian friend. 
Spirituality is very personal, 
not to be confused with religion. 
Morning and evening 
thoughts are focused on a Power
greater than self
surrendering will and life
daily and to dedicating anew to 

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