Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last will and testament

do hereby make, 
publish and declare this to be 
my Last Will and Testament, 
hereby expressly 
revoking all wills and codicils 
heretofore made by me.
I appoint God as my Executor. 
I do give and bequeath to my husband,
daughters, grandchildren, sisters, brothers,
nieces, nephews, and friends, the following:
  • beautiful white hair and laugh lines
  • many peals of laughter
  • libraries of books and a hunger to read and learn
  • a sense of humor
  • love of cooking and eating
  • numerous green thumbs
  • knowledge of who you are
  • the ability to soothe any crying baby & lots of them to hold & cuddle
  • the urge to create and craft
  • the means to beautify your homes and our world
  • unending poise and class
  • spirituality and a belief in a God of your understanding
  • a tree house
  • tandem bicycles
  • fields of flowers
  • gardens bursting with every good thing
  • peace and contentment
If any dispute shall arise among you 
regarding the division of such property, 
my Executor shall have the power to 
make a final and binding determination 
as to the distribution of such property.

Any of my heirs may disclaim or renounce 
in whole or in part any gift, benefit, provision, or 
power, but why would you?

It is my wish that you all try to get along
with each other and have as
full and happy of a life as I did
for as long you may live.
(Poetry prompt: write a poem in the form of an official document.)


  1. What a great idea. I love the things you bequethed!


  2. This was thoughtful and very clever.


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