Monday, May 9, 2011

Hope springs eternal

Walking through the high school
this morning to deliver something to the Kid,
assaulted by blue and gold school
colors on every surface,
I could smell the sounds of teen-aged
men and women, young and
carefree and hormonal.
A funny twinge in my chest, I
observed a young man flinging himself
down a hallway en route to class,
a hurricane of arms and
legs and joy at being alive.
Surprising myself,  I unearthed an
impulse to attend high school again
just for a day or two and
experience briefly that bright rainbow of
innocence and hopefulness and irresponsibility
that belongs to those not yet betrayed or
chained by the world, wishing my only
worries were finals and prom and lunch.
I strode back into the real world,
the spring rain misting my skin,
the green grass soothing my prickling eyes,
remembering being seventeen when
anything was possible.

(Entered in the Poetry Potluck for this week.)


  1. spring rain moist and make life grow.

    stunning imagery

  2. Thinking back on those times, they were full of possibilities just as the rainbow is full of colors. Great job painting this picture.

  3. Love the way you envoke smells sounds and colors.

    Just great!


  4. This is lovely, I sat in on a high school class in college for observation and it really made me wax nostalgic. Though for some reason the teacher thought I was a psychologist so she kept talking to me about her extremely intimate personal problems and the student's too I did learn a lot about human nature though


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