Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hell hath no fury

It's rained all day today
mirroring my mood, sort of
drizzly and nonspecific, a bit thunderous.
As water sluices down, saturating our yard, I am
thinking of how overexposed to family I am
after a graduation weekend of gatherings and meals.
The constant downpour creates a small river
churning down our long steep driveway
forming a steady channel of water from the
corrals to the highway. A bit nerve-wracking to
watch the the gravel wash away pebble by pebble. It feels
like I am eroded as well, uncomfortable with
constant compulsory proximity to
family members who have been judgmental,
unkind, cruel in the past. All are striving to
play nice, be polite and act interested in the kids, the
jobs, and the home they now have, but it's
hard to forget their mean words and
financial irresponsibility even when they are being
friendly and appropriate.
Every time they mention their new motorcycle, I can
see the check I had to write to pay off their last one
that my husband foolishly cosigned and my furious
tears at being 'taken' by his ungrateful daughter.
Ready for the rain and the family to blow away and
sunny contentment to shine forth, drying up the storms and
emotional flooding.

(Written for and posted at Jingle Poetry Blog for the theme,
"Thunderstorms, Floods and Water Fury". Please click the link to see 
more great poetry!!)
(Also posted for the Thursday Poet's Rally 6-2-11)
(Posted for a third time at Bluebell Book's Short Story Slam, Week 3, 6-9-11)


  1. A shattering and thunderous write, it is never like "leave it to beaver" ever portrayed family as...

  2. I felt my own family your words. I love the raw and honest emotion in this.

  3. This is just breath-taking, I can't even put into words how beautifully you write and the rawness of the emotions. No one can hurt us quite like family

  4. brilliant...

    I know what you are talking about. one way for such family betrayal is to stop communication for a while until they learn.

    no one is subjected to pay for the other's debts.

    bless you.

  5. Your poem vividly expresses what so many people experience. I pray that you have some peaceful days ahead.

  6. Sadly, you are not alone in your dysfunctional family dynamics--I could write volumes! Maybe I should...

    I was right there with you--wanting them to leave and leave you in peace.

    Here's to your "sunny contentment"! xoxo

  7. I get the impression that you are a stepmom - and you've been sliced and diced by your stepkids. While I know this is for the Poet's Rally (and I also write poetry), but I invite you to - it's a website I created a few years ago where I provide tips, tools, and resources for stepmoms everywhere.

    Much love to you,

  8. PS you can read my Rally entry at - Notes from Vacation

  9. Exposing raw wounds to the sun sometimes helps them heal.

  10. Phew! That was a look at 'a day in the life'.
    Very richly packed with interest and emotion.

    'It's rained all day today'seems at first out of tense with the rest - but as it is an observation it is probably ok.

    Re the washed out gravel 'rocks' - perhaps 'pebbles' would be more with reality. I tended to see small boulders when I met 'rocks'.

    Great poem.

  11. Thanks, Harry - I liked your suggestion about the pebbles and have modified the poem accordingly!

  12. I doesn't sound like a happy place to be, although I know getting between a parent and a child--even a grown one can cause much grief.

  13. Painful, and a lot of truth. Moving.

  14. Painful and far, far too close to my own memories of family get together where I wanted to be very, very far apart. Here's hoping the sunbeams are chasing those cloudy memories away.

  15. Another good one Wyo. I love the fluidness of the rain and emotions both flowing.


  16. Hope there is splendid sun after this rain :) Very sweet writing.

  17. I loved this! So glad to have found you through BlueBell's slam.

    "All are striving to play nice, be polite, and act interested in the kids..."

    Well put. Nicely done.

  18. I think we all have a person (or people) in our lives who are corrosive, and erode us if we let them. Hard sometimes to overlook the aggravating comments that are tossed our way. I can sympathize. A very interesting and well done piece.

  19. I can relate to this. It's hard to forget cruelties especially if it's by the family and those whom you consider as family.

    Your writing is impressive. Hugggs and blessings to you :)

  20. rainbow always comes after a story day.
    well penned.

    Happy Writing,

  21. I like the way in which you have used the non-stop , rainy , miserable weather to re-inforce the misery that is experienced in the dysfunctional family scenario - very appropriate analogy ! The sombre and reflective tone also ties in with the prompt and the content ! Well done !

  22. It's not okay to be used whether by step-children or anybody. I've left some tough times behind and your family scenes are very vivid. I enjoyed reading them but would not want to live them again. Excellent write.

  23. "it's rained all day today
    mirroring my mood, sort of
    drizzly and nonspecific, a bit thunderous."
    The start itself is superb...I loved the flow of the poetry...really gr8! thanks for the share..


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