Sunday, May 8, 2011


Wanting to adorn your grave
in flowers, I went shopping and
discovered a most interesting
option - solar light flowers.
I loved the idea of lighted blossoms
keeping you company at night so,
armed with a handful,
I added my offerings
to the small riot of silk flowers
already present and
remembered the small child
bringing a handful of carefully selected
for mommy to
proudly display in a
water glass on the
dining room table.
The child cried today;
she misses Mom too.

I won!
Link to the winning submission: Skepticism
Please check the other winner's submissions at the Promising Poets' Cafe
And...I nominate Kim Nelson for the next week's consideration!


  1. Congratulations! Very much deserved. This is such a heartfelt poem too. Beautiful x

  2. congrats on the award!

    what a beautiful poem. I too, remember my mom in this way.
    beautifully expressed

  3. Congratulations on winning week 43 and thank you kindly for stopping by and commenting.


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