Sunday, May 15, 2011

Counting down.

It's only three days now
unreal that you have been
gone nearly a year
I hear your voice in my dreams
regularly and when I watch
the video of your laughter,
I just can't believe you aren't
still around somewhere
and you can't possibly be
tucked into the ground or
God's arms or wherever
it is you went when you
left us all

Already reliving
those last few days, a mental
'stations of the cross' of
your passing
the incredible pain and
amazing surrender
those quiet last few hours
with a singing priest and
protective spirits in a
glowing cloud
above your room
and around your home.
I can see it like it is still
happening though I
didn't see it then.

Sometimes I wish I
didn't remember so much.

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  1. The longer it goes the more selective the memories become. Write down the good ones now to savor later.


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