Sunday, May 22, 2011


Remember that unique feeling of
excitement and apprehension,
spawned by a new
opportunity where your toes are on the
starting line and it's time to go and
you have no idea, really, where this is
going, but you are going?! And you
can't wait to see what's coming
next, savoring each moment for the
new taste and experience as your eyes
eagerly seek the next.
You want to be immersed in the newness
all at once, it's so good, and
never leave or move on.
Recalling one incident of that
feeling, at my own
high school graduation
when I was so young and innocent and
so certain of the possibilities that
lay before me, untested and beckoning
me to new life. Attending a number of high
school graduations in the next few weeks and
each one of them will bring up this
memory of the orgasmic anticipation of
the rest of one's life.

(Posted for "Sketches, Images, and Impressionsat Poetry Potluck for Week 36.)


  1. Yes, that time of life seems to be engraved on memory like no other. And you are absolutely right about the "anticipation," which has a sureness and promise embedded - or so we think - and we soon learn better. That's life ...

    I really relate to this and enjoyed it much. Thank you!

    This is not my Potluck contribution, but it is one with a theme similar to yours here tonight.

    Poem on, WyomingDiva. Well done.

  2. agree with Jamie Dedes from above comment,
    lovely entry.

    Happy Potluck!

  3. I love this feeling and you captured it well

  4. Well-captured. Nice work. My potluck:

  5. Great write - if only I had looked forward to my own graduation with the anticipation of the future. Thanks for the mirror opposite reflect to allow for a backwards glance at what could have been...

  6. I was just thinking about my graduation. I forgot to go, accidently on purpose, high school and college. I should have had the wisdom to look forward. abthomas has the wisdom to glance backwards. I'm still looking sideways.

  7. Gosh, your writing is so vivid, it brought back all my memories; this is something everyone can relate to, even if they haven't walked the stage for graduation, they've all reached a point in life where something ends and they leap or creep into the future - such an emotional time - so exciting.


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